Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Our olive oil comes from small, independent producers. At our heart, we’re foodies which means we’re absolutely passionate about quality, freshness and flavour. 

We’re also passionate about sustainability of both the earth and traditional farming methods. We work with farmers to grow sustainably, we transport carbon neutrally and we ship plastic free.

Australian Olive Oil

Freshness, flavour and quality, these are the hallmarks of good eating. All our olive oils are imported from independent producers in Australia where high quality exported food products, and wines are well known. However, many people are unaware of the high-quality olive oil that is also produced in Australia, with some olive plantings dating back to the 1800s. We have traced and sourced this unique range of olive oils, and we import these for you.

Independent Olive oil Producers

Pendleton Olive Estate’s groves, for example, are among the most established olive groves in Australia. Located on the Limestone Coast in South Australia, their production philosophy guarantees premium, quality flavours. Meanwhile, in New South Wales, located in the historic wine region of the Upper Hunter Valley, Pukara Estate provides you with an extraordinary variety of olive oils that will add extra flavour to your favourite meals. With these brilliant, independent, unique producers, your olive oil offerings will be the talk among your dinner guests.

Natural Blended Olive Oil Flavours

Our premium quality olive oils offer milder, lighter, versatile and subtle blends to the fuller flavoured and robust extra virgin olive oils. Our products include a vast range of all-natural blended, flavoured olive oils and extra virgin and organic olive oils. These are olive oils blended with ingredients such as blood oranges, chilli, garlic, ginger, lemon, ruby grapefruit and basil.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Cooking

Extra virgin olive oil and the organic extra virgin olive oil are perfect for roasts and baked meals while lighter varieties are wonderful in dressings and marinades, some are even subtle enough for pairing with desserts! Others, with a peppery fragrance, are ideal with pizza, wok cooked meals or stirred through a pasta sauce. Extra virgin olive oil is perfect for dipping with crusty fresh bread to really get your dinner party started.

Quotes and Orders for Olive Oil

Please, browse through our range of delicious olive oils and order through our online shop, with orders over £75 shipped within the UK for free. If you require additional information or would like a quote on specific volumes, then please get in touch with us at hello@theolivehunt.co.uk.