Balsamic Vinegar &

Produced by artisan producer’s around the world and all made from natural ingredients, these balsamic vinegar’s & condiments are true delicacies & have a sweet smoothness that delights the palate.


The Best Australian Vinegars from The Olive Hunt 

Over the years, the wine regions of Australia have become particularly skilled in the creation of Australian vinegars, particularly balsamic vinegar. Balsamic vinegar is made with aged grape must and wine vinegar, and is one of the most popular types of Australian vinegars. 

All of our balsamic vinegars are made by artisan producers from natural ingredients, and are true delicacies with a sweet smoothness that delights the palate. So whether you’re looking for classic balsamic vinegar dressing for your salad, or rich dark flavour for a delicious marinade, you can find it when you buy vinegar online from The Olive Hunt. 

As foodies ourselves, we always take care to find the best products and we love the groves we work with. Most of our Australian vinegars are hand crafted on a ‘batch-by-batch’ basis using only the finest ingredients. Once the quality of the balsamic is perfect, it’s bottled right away for that classic balsamic vinegar dressing, or blended with natural essential oils to create a wide variety of flavoured vinegars. It’s important to know that none of our flavoured oils are made using synthetic flavours; all of the ingredients are completely natural. 

Buy Vinegar in the UK with Flavours for Any Occasion 

A classic balsamic vinegar dressing is great, but few people know how versatile vinegar can be. The Olive Hunt stocks a variety of flavours of blended Australian vinegars ranging from pear to guava and chardonnays to liqueurs. This gives you plenty of choice in how to use the vinegar. A pear balsamic can spice up a baked pie or add sweetness to roasted vegetables, while cherry vinegar adds complex flavour to a dark meat marinade. Red wine liqueur vinegars can even work as an accompaniment to a sweet dessert. Add in a roasted almond dukkah from the same olive groves that supply our vinegar and you’ll be sure to wow everyone at the next dinner party. When you buy vinegar in the UK from The Olive Hunt you get access to all our favourite Australian artisan vinegar specialists. We ship across the UK and Ireland, so contact us today to order your next vinegar!