Pendleton Estate Vanilla Bean Infused Olive Oil 250ml

Pendleton Olive Estate Olive Oil - Vanilla


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Pendleton Olive Estate’s Vanilla Bean Infused Olive Oil is a delicate infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil that can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes. Ideal as a healthy substitute for butter when baking, frying pancakes in, and it works beautifully over fruit and strawberries as a healthy fat alternative to cream. It can be used creatively in savoury dishes such as bringing out the sweetness in root vegetables and highlighting the delicate, sweet characteristics of seafood.

Our Infused Olive Oils are 100% Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil and are produced on the Limestone Coast of South Australia. Pendleton Olive Estate’s groves are among the most established in Australia, originating from plantings in the late 1800’s. Situated on the sought after ancient Limestone Coast of South Australia, our paddock to plate philosophy ensures consistent, premium, quality and flavour.

Fragrant with seductive caramel aromas. Use when frying pancakes, oven-roasting fruits or as a healthy, aromatic alternative to butter when baking.

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